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My Artsy Stuff

I've been practicing art - in some way, shape, or form - for almost my entire life.  I doodled a lot as a child (mom learned that was a good way to keep me quiet during church!).  I've dabbled in numerous mediums: drawing, painting, etching, silk-screening, jewelry making, lost-wax casting, glass-blowing, glass-fusing...  The list goes on (and on!) 

Ceramics is probably my #1 love, though.  I've been playing with mud - off and on - ever since my mom signed me up for a kid's after-school ceramics class at our local community center (Far too many years ago!).  I'm less into wheel-throwing, more into hand-building - primarly slabwork.  I used to LOVE to sculpt horses (I was a horse-freaky kid!).  Now, I mainly hand-build.  I'm fortunate to have my very own miniature studio (8' x 12' converted shed) with my very own baby electric kiln (but the biggest 120v model we could find!).

My TiKi sHacK o' PerPetual SumMer is highly impractical - as studios go - but I absolutely LOVE it!  My own year-round "Island Escape!"

I love all things TiKi, Mid-Century, Atomic/Googie...  And - even though they really don't "go together," I consider myself a Born-Again Parrothead. I think a lot of that creeps-into in my work. 

All of my work is hand-built in the sHacK.  I don't mass-produce anything, so every piece is unique - hand-made by Yours Truly!

Generally speaking, I don't take commissions.  But I have been known to "consider" requests for specific items (time permitting, of course!).  I truly am a "Hobby Potter" - I make what I make because it pleases me - and I truly hope that it pleases others, too! 

Art is for relaxation (for me, anyway).  I do have a Day-Job, and have no plans to give it up (I have a "Steady Paycheck Addiction!"), but if you see something you like, that isn't currently available, drop me a line and I'll be happy to let you know the next time I make something similar!


The inspiration behind my Stuff

I think I can safely say that I don't have a distinct "Style" (unless Psycho-Gemini is a "Style!"), but I do think I'm heavily influenced by my memories, as a child, of many-many trips to Hawaii (Dad worked for the airlines).  We stayed at some cheap, dated, downright tacky motels back in those days, so I think there's a pretty hefty dose of "Mid-Century Modern" in my blood, on top of the Jimmy Buffett/Non-Stop Party/Tiki Vibe that I like to create...


Contact NanTiKi

If you see something you like, or just want to say "Hi," drop me an email.  

The best way to see my most-current artwork is to follow me on Instagram, or check out my online store front (links below).

As previously noted, this is not my primary means of support, so not everything will be "current" in my online store.  But if you see it on Instagram, and you want it, I'm sure we can work something out!

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