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My Artsy Stuff

I've been practicing art - in some way, shape, or form - for almost my entire life.  I doodled a lot as a child (mom learned that was a good way to keep me quiet during church!).  I've dabbled in numerous mediums: drawing, painting, etching, silk-screening, jewelry making, lost-wax casting, glass-blowing, glass-fusing...  The list goes on (and on!) 

Ceramics is probably my #1 love, though.  I've been playing with mud - off and on - ever since my mom signed me up for a kid's after-school ceramics class at our local community center (Far too many years ago!).  I'm less into wheel-throwing, more into hand-building - primarly slabwork.  I used to LOVE to sculpt horses (I was a horse-freaky kid!).  Now, I mainly hand-build.  I'm fortunate to have my very own miniature studio (8' x 12' converted shed) with my very own miniature electric kiln (but the biggest 120v model we could find!).

My TiKi sHacK o' PerPetual SumMer is highly impractical - as studios go - but I absolutely LOVE it!  My own year-round "Island Escape!"

I love all things TiKi, Mid-Century, Atomic/Googie...  And - even though they really don't "go together," I consider myself a Born-Again Parrothead. I think a lot of that creeps-into in my work. 

All of my work is hand-built in the sHacK.  I don't mass-produce anything, so every piece is unique - hand-made by Yours Truly!

At the present time, I don't take commissions.  I truly am a "Hobby Potter" - I make what I make because it pleases me - and I truly hope that it pleases others, too! 

Art is for relaxation (for me, anyway).  I do have a Day-Job, and have no plans to give it up (I have a "Steady Paycheck Addiction!"), but if you see something you like, that isn't currently available, drop me a line and I'll be happy to let you know the next time I make something similar!


The inspiration behind my Stuff

I think I can safely say that I don't have a distinct "Style" (unless Psycho-Gemini is a "Style!"), but I do think I'm heavily influenced by my memories, as a child, of many-many trips to Hawaii (Dad worked for the airlines).  We stayed at some cheap, dated, downright tacky motels back in those days, so I think there's a pretty hefty dose of "Mid-Century Modern" in my blood, on top of the Jimmy Buffett/Non-Stop Party/Tiki Vibe that I like to create...


Contact NanTiKi

If you see something you like, or just want to say "Hi," drop me an email.  

Or - if enough people show interest - I can start-up a periodic newsletter to share my "Fresh-Out-Of-The-Kiln" stuff (If I do that - I PROMISE I won't spam the hell out of you, nor will I share your email address with anyone!).  Send me an email and ask to be notified whenever I've got new stuff.

I don't have an active Etsy store and I haven't setup an online shopping cart, or anything fancy like that.  Sales will be handled as one-offs (Hey!  At least I have PayPal!).  This is all pretty new to me so hang-in there 'til I figure it out Cool

Just clickety-click on the link below to reach me (I may have to disable the link if *I* end up getting spammed-to death!) (Fingers crossed!)  

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