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The Molten Wares of NanTiKi

Aloha! And Mahalo for visiting my page!

First off - Sorry for the "Pop-Ups" and pre-fab webpage design, but this isn't my primary means of support and I'm too cheap to pay for non-ad-supported hosting!

I'm just a frustrated artist who supports herself by doing the whole "high-tech" systems analyst bit for Corporate America.  This site is simply a means of showing off my "stuff" and maybe (hopefully) develop a way for my "therapy" to support itself!

Anyway - THANKS for dealing with 'em - and THANKS for visiting!

My Stuff

Basically, this site is a place to 'show off' my stuff.  I may (or may not) figure out how to make this an e-commerce site with a Shopping Cart and everything - but not for now. 

Worst case, I figure I can "show-off" and if you're really interested in something, you can send me an email and we'll work it out, right?!