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Some Pictures...

A small sampling of my previous work.  No longer available  Click an image below to see a full-sized version.

Moai Tiki Vase

11" tall x 3.5" diameter

Ku Tiki Mask

10" tall x 8" wide

Mr. Proto Tiki

The theory behind this piece was that I'd make something like a luminary.  This one came out a little lopsided...

Proto Tiki's Shadow

I'd say that, as far as "Proof of Concept" goes, Mr. Proto-Tiki was a success.  I hope to make more

Filigree Bowl

I make non-Tiki stuff too.  Here is a square bowl with a filigree stamp in the center.  This is in it's "greenware" stage.

Filigree Bowl - complete

And this is the finished product.  Approximately 9" square.

Moroccan Bowl - Greenware

Stoneware with underglazes

Moroccan Bowl - Complete

8" square

Googie Platter - Greenware

I made a plate and platter in this series.  This is bare-naked greenware.  I put blue-green underglaze in the patterns.

Googie Plate and Platter - Complete

Here they are completed.  Plate is 9" diameter and platter is 9"x11."  Stoneware with Stony Blue Matte glaze.