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More Stuff!

More random pictures of things I've created...

Some offbeat Holiday ornaments

Every year, I give my colleagues hand-made ornaments for Christmas.  This year, it's Mini-Margaritas!  Here they are in greenware stage...

Mini Margaritas - Complete!

I had a high mortality rate, unfortunately. A little less than half of them got broken.  But here are some of the survivors!

Lapis Stone Tray

It's not really lapis, but it kinda looks like raw blue stones of some sort!

Lapis Tray

From a slightly different angle

Aqua Twisty Tray

Celtic Tray

Burnished w/terra sigliata, saggar-fired then raku'd with horsehair

Ohata + Rutile Bowl

Ohata Rutile Bowl - interior

Groovy Blue Tray

Grey Teardrop Trays